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Back-order a domain that is about to be released.
(.com, .net, .org, .ca, .us,, .info, or .biz)

Is there an expired domain name you want?
Expired domain names eventually have their status change to "Redemption Period" followed by a "Pending Delete" period. After the "Pending Delete" period, they are removed from the registry and available to register. more info

Any domain that has expired can be back-ordered, but until it reaches "pending delete" status, the owner can still get it back.
Search pending delete domains, or download full lists, here.

If you want a domain name that is expired, you have a few options.
  • If it's recently expired you can try to contact the current owner to see if they want to renew it and sell it to you. With some registrars there is a hefty fee for renewal of expired domains so it may be an expensive option but is the best chance if the owner didn't just forget to renew it.
  • You can wait till the domain is released and try to get it. There are different options to doing this.
    1. Watch it yourself and go to register it when it becomes available1
    2. Become a domain name reseller so you can try to grab it instantly when it's released2
    3. Use a back-ordering service to have someone else grab it for you automatically3
1 This is the least expensive option, but if the domain is back-ordered by anybody, you won't get it. Works fine if the domain is only of interest to a few people.
2 This is an expensive and time-consuming option, and requires technical knowledge and understanding of the domain registration system. It's a possible option if you want to register many domains for yourself or others.
3 This is generally the best option if you want to have the best chance of getting the domain you want. There are different levels of service and prices for back-ordering. Some companies attempt to register domains on an occasional basis, while some will try continuously during the period when the domain will be released. These companies can be domain registrars, or registrar resellers. Then there are companies that focus on back-ordering services. What they do to increase their chance of getting a domain is have multiple registrar reseller accounts to increase the frequency of attempts they can do. Which one to take depends on how much the domain is worth to you. If you really want it, you might want to back-order it with a few different companies. That's where we come in.
We offer back-ordering services at different levels.

Our Back-ordering Services
Level 1
We will automatically attempt to register a domain name through our own reseller accounts when the domain is being released.
.com, .net, .org, & .us - $17.25
.ca, .biz, & .info - $27.30
Level 2
We will handle back-ordering a domain name for you through a well known back-ordering service provider as well as attempting to back-order it ourselves.
any TLD option - $77.60
Level 3
We will handle back-ordering a domain name for you through 3 well known back-ordering service providers as well as attempting to back-order it ourselves.
.com, .net, .org - $114.00
this option is not available for other TLD's
Pay by credit card and you only pay a $5 deposit when you back-order a domain, and the balance when we get it for you.
Payment can also be made by Paypal, bank to bank transfer, direct deposit, or by mail, but requires full payment before your order is active.
If we don't get the domain you backorder, you can select a different one at any time.

We have our own back-ordering script that attempts to register domains the moment they get dropped by checking availability at the maximum frequency permitted, and it has beaten the big guys because it's all a matter of which one attempts the registration within the first few milliseconds of release.

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